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Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom

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The game is planned to start at Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to enjoy the football to its full!
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Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom
England vs North Macedonia
Euro 2024 Qualifications Old Trafford  Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, M16 0RA Manchester, UK 19 Jun 2023 Monday 19:45
Category 2

Behind the goal short side tickets

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Category 1

Long Side Upper Tier tickets

£160 Add to cart
International Suite

Executive Luxury Padded Seats Located In The Stretford End First Tier.

£160 Add to cart
VIP Gold

Very Good Alongside Lower Tier Close to Pitch

£210 Add to cart
VIP+ Premium

Long side lower tier seating with excellent view over the pitch between penalty boxes

£225 Add to cart
Manchester Suite

Executive Luxury Padded Seats Located In The Sir Alex Ferguson Stand First Tier Around The Halfway Line

£230 Add to cart
If you purchase 2 tickets the seats will always be located together.
For more than 2 tickets please contact us if you wish to be seated together and we will do our best to arrange that.